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Grand Concours Coordinator
Catherine Ousselin -
Bienvenue au
Grand Concours 2012!

 I am excited to serve as your National French Contest coordinator! This is my fourth and last year as coordinator. It is my responsibility to assist you with your test order, your questions about eligibility, and  the timely distribution of awards. The links to the left will provide you with pertinent information you will need. The registration will be conducted through a Google form. If you wish to save a copy of this form, print your screen or save the Web page in your personal folder.

Please contact me with your questions, concerns or award ideas.

National French 2012  important dates!

Registration for the 2012 National French Contest: 4 December - 27 January 2012.

Please visit the official registration form and send me an e-mail (see above) when you have completed your registration. I will confirm within 2 days!

Testing dates: FLES - 15-28 February 2012. This is a very tight window, so please be prompt with your registration and return of tests.

Testing dates:  Levels 01-5 - 1-28 March 2012. This timeframe may coincide with HSPE or Spring Break dates. Please check your calendar to insure that you have ample time to administer the test. Testing of a level must be done all on the same day. You may test different levels on different dates.


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